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 INTRO to Holistic Health and Recovery 

Taking Self-Care to a Whole New Level 

Series 1 and 2 

Feed Your Body to Honor your Life


take control of



Join us ladies in Recovery~~


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When we surrender we win. An act in humility and asking for help is not always an easy step to take. Many of us know we could make better choices with our daily dietary intake, but somehow we just go along "Doing What We Do". Much of the time we are sleeping while life passes us by. When we are ready to learn our teachers appear. 


We alone must decide but Alone we can not do it.


Meo-ology Design to Meet you where you are TODAY !


STOP Flushing away needed nutrients that never arrive to the blood where you need them to be, and wasting money on what your not absorbing. Even worse toxins continue to build and lingering around leaving  you feeling sluggish and tired. 

Simple Safe Solutions has never been easier.  

Now Bio Support Goes with the Flow of all working parts. Click link below to learn more!

The Earth friendly and famous "Get Clean Kit" can be purchased at the link below. Prevent Brain fog and clear your home of harmful toxic chemicals floating in the air for up to 3 days after you clean.

Stop thinking and
Every journey begins with the first step. How many times have we heard this phrase?


It is so true and so helpful anytime I am embarking on a change in my life.

Health and Healing with Nutrient Dense foods, eating often throughout the day gives unexpected results. Do you like to eat?


Most of my Clients are surprised at how much they can have. They also are surprised that they are missing essential support to the body because they have a good plan in place but are not able to feel or look the way they want.


Learning this "Life Style Change" by taking simple and directly guided the intention behind every detail I offer. 


I minimize nothing. "EVERYTHING MATTERS"


We are all very much the same with our eating patterns. We go along doing what we do. When we start re-educating our minds and learning new, exciting ideas, we can feel excellent results.

So, whether you need support for weight loss, metabolism retraining, or want healthier  substitutions for essential needs, to name a few, we can put together a plan that meets you where you are and supports 

your own core strengths.



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Your Greatest Self.

Open Roads Healing Through Air Water and Great Food

Kathleen Russell, CHC, PSS

Recovery Coaching

Holistic Health and Recovery

Taking Self Care to Another Level  




Contracts available For a 90  Commitment.

Pay in advance  $360.00 a month "Book Ending" 

Meet Virtually For Coaching 

2 x  weekly on 4 week plan. 

(Savings of over $200.00) 

Standard Coaching fees $70.00 per Session

approx  1 hour 

Good, Better and Best Packages 

Weight Loss~ Anxiety Disorder~ Brain Health

Relief of Mild Depression and Support Mental Health 

Blood Sugar Balancing~ Gluten Free

Metabolism Retraining Boost Natural Energy

Clean Clear Cleanse Naturally 

Special considerations for your needs TBD

Basic breakdown of Coaching fees:


1) Part 1~

Assessment  60+ minutes  $70.00  

{ Zoom/Skype/Face Time/ Phone}

Questionnaire “Nutrition Assessment” 

Dietary Intake and History

Medical History

Disease Prevention~ to meet you where you are

Management Discussion for your plan 

A list of your top favorite food choices 


2)  Part 2~ Pulling it together for a Plan

1 Week Later: $70.00 

* Discuss  ongoing  support that you need, How can I help YOU to fill in the missing cracks in your foundation?

*Getting the Real Scoop~ Peer Reviewed Journals and recent Science studies from Doctors and Practitioners that I partner with. 

 * Access to a product website with 15 % savings and simple home delivery designed by me for convenience. 

Product Loyalty rewards are offered to save additional 10% and free product points can be redeemed as well.  

*Work with 5 Science based trusted  manufactures for best results and natural care my clients can rely on.

* Put together menus and substitutions based on your favorite foods and needs.

My Note to you: Congratulations!!

Welcome to the best decision you can make for your healthier lifestyle and quality of life you deserve! 

In the early days of new beginnings once a week

is strongly suggested for lasting change.

Book in advance for savings

I encourage my clients to take advantage of a 90 day plan for savings and real implementation of CHANGE means to stick and stay the course.


Kathleen Russell,CNC,HC,PSS









Hi, my name is Cathy OBrien from Down to Earth Cleaning in NY. My roads traveled with Kathy have been many. When I listen to what she tells me I feel so much better,physically mentally and spiritually. I am very grateful to her education and support over the years. 


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